Reactions from our guests

………….. We got 14 days with beautiful weather and a lot of sun. Sometimes we made a day trip. Of course to Lorques fort he big market where we ate delicious food in the main street during the dismantling of the market and the bustle going with it. Also we visited Aix. On Sunday we landed in a busy Cotignac. But the Abbe du Thoronet we found the most impressive.

……………….  What a wonderful ‘Place’ you have got there above Carcès, with a splendid view! A spot to enjoy and find rest. Especially because the house is equipped with all the luxury of modern apparatus and a kitchen which we used with pleasure. And a supermarket nearby and a nice village with various activities. A market at a walking distance. And with the very warm weather we had the swimming pool was lovely.

All the four of us found it great to have been there.  

Herewith our hearty greetings and, who knows, till next time.

…………………… The beautiful place Sur Place is still on our mind. What a paradise on earth you have made there. And also that you have other people enjoy it as well. The peace and the feeling to be quite alone on top of the hill and be able to enjoy the grand view of both Carcès new and the old historic village. Also when it is getting dark and the lights are turned on and you see the villages lying against the hills then. The marvellous sound of the cigales *, which is so typical for the south of France. * crickets

………………………. We got 14 days with beautiful weather and a lot of sun. Sometimes we made a short trip. Of course to Lorgues to the big market where we also had a delicious meal in the main street while the market stalls were being cleared away and the bustle going with it. We also visited Aix. On Sunday we landed in a busy Cotignac. But the most impressive we found the Abbe du Thoronet.

………………. Every day we  walked down to the well-equipped supermarket or to Carcès for our shopping and on Thursday the small market with fishmonger and greengrocer with the produce straight from the garden. Exquisitely,  for cooking is my hobby. And therefore I would like to thank you for the magnificent equipment of your kitchen. 2 cooking pots of cast iron. Two fine cooking pans and proper cooking pans with thick bottoms. Besides everything you need as to spoons and cooking things. All this made it a real feast for me to cook. What was also so pleasant was that the kitchen window was open and I could have direct contact with the people at table who were already enjoying their rosé wine and ‘vrac’.

Also the silent, proper maintenance of the swimming pool by the manager was nice.

My husband and I certainly hope to return to Sur Place one day.

Merci bien!

………………………. Dear Mr and Mrs Rasing,

Yes, sure! This holiday is among our top two of our best holidays. We wanted to inform you about this, but we came home late and started our work early on Monday morning again, so the rest had gone already.

All the four of us have found it enormously to our liking. It has not been under 30 degrees, a magnificent swimming pool, almost 30 degrees warm water, we had enough  to do.