Terms and Conditions

General  Conditions of rental Guest house Sur Place Carcès (VAR) Provence 1 july 2020

1.1   These general terms and conditions are made known on the website www.surplace.nl . At the request of  the  tenant, these can also be sent by post.

1.2   Upon signature or dispatch by e-mail of the booking form explains the tenant agreeing to these terms and conditions. Of the completed and signed booking form by tenant and landlord tenant receives a copy.


2.1    You can telephone, in writing, by fax or e-mail reservation. These modes of reservation are final and binding which means that in case of cancellation after the booking cancellation charges of the rent by you are owed. There are no reservation/administration fee will be charged.

2.2    Reservations can be done per week from Saturday to Saturday.


3.1    Direct after booking the tenant receives the booking form with entry thereto of the total  costs and the amount of deposit of 30% of the rental amount.

3.2    The remaining portion of the rent amount (70% of the rental amount) you must not later than 8 weeks before the involvement of the guesthouse to meet.

3.3    When posting within 8 weeks before the start of the rental period, the tenant to comply with the total amount in one time.

3.4    The lease is valid after the booking form is signed by the landlord and the tenant by the landlord and the amount of the deposit is received. The deposit shall be made within one week after signing the booking form to be met.

3.5    In the rent are the costs for use of (cooking) gas, electricity, water, internet and understood.

3.6    When the rental is not included the use of bed-, bath-and kitchen linen. This needs to be cared for by the tenant.

3.7    The cost of the compulsory final cleaning are not included in the rent.

         Note: Despite that the landlord provides the final cleaning at departure, we kindly ask the guests stay neat and tidy and terrain to leave behind.


4.1    After receipt of your final payment, you will receive information about the Guest House. (address of the dwelling, directions, map Carcès, arrival time, etc.)

4.2    It is not allowed the guests stay with more involving than is agreed or other persons.

4.3    The guesthouse serves by you with the required care and diligence to be inhabited. The renter is fully liable for any damage.


5.1    The guesthouse is at the beginning of the rental period available on Saturday after 15.00 hours and              departure on Saturday until 10. 00 hours.


6.1    Cancellations by phone may, in writing, by fax or by e-mail to be done. Immediately after the landlord sends a cancellation confirmation Declaration/receipt.

6.2    Cancellations not covered by cancellation costs insurance cost for the tenant is subject to the following:
                -up to 8 weeks before the start of the rental period: 30% of the rental amount.
                -from 8 weeks to 4 weeks before the start of the rental period: 75% of the rental amount.
                -from 4 weeks to the day of arrival: 100% of the rental amount.

6.3    Above shall not apply if a replacement tenant cost if cancelled the booking.

         Note: we advise you a cancellation insurance.


7.      1 The landlord is entitled to regard the rental contract as dissolved in one of the following cases:

         -the tenant has, even after reminder, are not held to the agreed payment periods.

         -the rental conditions are not fulfilled or incomplete. In each of the aforementioned cases, the tenant remains the full rent will be due.

7.2    In case of cancellation due to force majeure such as natural disaster, flood and other disasters which the    guesthouse is no longer habitable, death of the lessor properly etc. can the landlord (Deputy) landlord the rent cancel. The landlord will repay part of the rent already paid. In both cases does tenant distance of further rights.


7.1    During the agreed rental period the renter is fully liable for the damages caused by tenant and/or fellow travelers to the dwelling and what this includes.

7.2    The website has been compiled with the greatest care. If any imperfections, then can impart this   nevertheless be derived any rights.

7.3    The landlord accepts no liability for theft, loss or damage, or injury of any kind during or as a result of it.

7.5    In case of accidents in and around the House, the landlord shall not be liable.

         Note: we advise you a suitable travel insurance.

7.6   The landlordis not liable for inconveniences and found spot deviations from the rented, without fault of the landlord.


         Upon payment of the remainder is a deposit amount included. The deposit is in agreement with thentenant after deduction of the cost of any damages, costs for breakage, damage caused to you repaid.


9.1    The use of the pool is at all times the risk of the tenant. The possible presence of a security in the pool or around the pool should never be seen as a substitute of the supervision of the parents for their children.   The landlord cannot be held liable for accidents in the pool.

9.2    The pool is usually by or on behalf of the landlord in the month of april in readiness and is in the line then    from mid-May to late september to use.

9.3    Only persons who can swim, may log in the pool. Especially in and by the pool

         must be thoughtful and careful with children.

9.3    From point of view of hygiene pets are not allowed in the pool.

9.4    The administrator regularly check the quality of the pool water and makes the pool clean. During   cleaning the pool one can’t stay in the pool.

10. PETS

10.1 In consultation with the landlord is allowed to take pets.

10.2 The landlord is in no case liable for direct or indirect damage and/or injury to third parties or himself which   is caused by pets.

10.3 Where pets are allowed after consultation the tenant will ensure that no pollution of the guesthouse and/or terrain occurs.


         We ask you in your absence in the evening/night and the gateway to the deaf to quit and the exterior lighting. (except the lighting behind and next to the House where the lamps are switched on a motion detector)


14.1 If you have complaints or questions, you can call the landlord or Manager.

14.2 The tenant should timely to the administrator to log the time of departure. An early departure, without prior consultation and mutual agreement dismisses the landlord of any obligation to compensation.


15.1 The landlord is accessible as follows:

         Netherlands  :   0344-612102/ mobile 0651- 44 94 78

         France           :  00 33(0) 494 04 59 13 (Sur Place)

         e-mail            :  rasing@wxs.nl  wimrasing@orange.fr

15.2 Reachability tenant: for a good accessibility during your journey and stay on the booking form we ask you your mobile phone number and e-mail address.

 General conditions of rental Guest House in villa “Sur Place” per 1 July 2020